Smart Metronome & Tuner

turns your smart phone into a simple, stylish and very accurate metronome!

Beautiful Design

Enjoy its beautiful look with realistic pendulum movement. Smart Metronome also uses natural sounds recorded from real metronomes and percussions.


The tuning meter is equipped with a recording function, and can also measure the recorded sound source.

Various colors

Programmable Tempo Modulation

This feature offers detailed control over tempo and time signature changes, You can program numbers of measures, and tempos sequence. Accelerando and ritardando are also available. The
tempo automatically increases or decreases, according to your program. This function is useful for practicing the complex time signatures of contemporary pieces.


• Creates perfect beats by working completely on hardware, without using CPU time
• Sampling rate 44.1kHz resulting in high accuracy (±20µs)
• Easily set the BPM by tapping
• Programmable Tempo and measures
• Save and load tempo program
• Save and load Set list
• Loop multiple measures
• Drum machine
• Tuning meter
• Practice log can be taken
• Full voiceover compatibility


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